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LexisNexis Litigation Resource Community (03/04/2011)

Tampa Bay Business Journal (03/11/2011)

IMS ExpertServices (“An Expert’s Change of Mind Can be Shattering,” March, 2011)

The Louisiana Record (06/23/2011)

The Louisiana Record (07/29/2011)

Courthouse News Service (12/05/2011)

LexisNexis Emerging Issues Law Community Gulf Oil Spill Information Hub

Gulf Fisheries in Decline After Oil Disaster (04/19/2012)

BP Oil Spill: Just a Few Reasons to Opt-Out of the Deepwater Horizon Class Action Settlements (10/17/2012)

BP Oil Spill: 200,000 Oil Spill Victims Are Being Illegally Excluded From Settlement (10/18/2012)

BP Oil Spill: The E&PD Class Action Settlement is Not “Fair, Reasonable, and Adequate.” (10/19/2012)

BP Oil Spill: The E&PD Class Action Settlement is Not “Free of Collusion.” (10/20/2012)

BP Oil Spill: Lawsuits Filed Against Kenneth R. Feinberg, Feinberg Rozen, LLP and GCCF (10/25/2012)

BP Oil Spill: Latest “Spin” and Data on the E&PD Class Action Settlement (10/27/2012)

BP OIL SPILL: BP WINS! (10/29/2012)

BP Oil Spill: The “Fairness” Hearing (11/07/2012)

Second Motion to Remand Filed in “Delay, Deny, Defend” Lawsuit Against Feinberg, et al. (11/14/2012)

Deepwater Horizon Claims Center Program Statistics (11/18/2012)

BP, PSC, and DHCC are running out the clock on BP oil spill victims! (11/19/2012)

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